I call this blog Beyond Puddin’. Why?

Well, David Jayne used the term puddin’ to describe that low rumble that electric basses, keyboards, and contrabasses can create that not many other instruments can even in the same range. It’s like a smoke machine for your ears. A tuba or a piano can play the same notes, but a low E on a contrabass or synth or electric bass guitar has way more puddin’ than the piano.

For the nerds, I’m talking about the relative amplitude of the fundamental frequency vs. the overtones of that note. A piano has tons of lovely overtones but the fat whoosh feeling that hits you in the gut just isn’t there.

So, puddin’ is the bass player’s job. An electric guitar, sufficiently amplified and EQ’d, can provide fat low-mids, so if you’re not providing puddin’, somebody had better be, or you’d better be holding back the puddin’ for a reason (like making it even more powerful when it finally arrives).

Beyond Puddin’ means that I’m reaching beyond the traditional bass player role and fulfilling composition, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist roles too.

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