San Francisco Guitarworks

14 04 2013

I keep taking guitars (and basses) with problems to San Francisco Guitarworks, and they keep converting decent instruments + money into amazing instruments.

Yesterday I got my Rickenbacker 360/12 back. Previously it looked amazing, sounded amazing, and played more or less like catching a muddy frog with your hand, if your hand already contained your car keys. Now it’s more like spelling your first name, and you get three tries to get it right.

Seriously, if you have a guitar (or guitar-like instrument) that needs some major (or minor) surgery, they will make it right. I think I’ve taken 4 different instruments there over the years, and each time the result is like the wand shop scene in Harry Potter when they finally pick the right wand.

P.S. if they ask if you want the Plek treatment, the answer is yes.



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